Dining Trends of 2015 That Are Taking The Culinary World By Storm

We have almost passed the halfway mark of the year.  A couple of old dining trends have made comebacks, bringing to life entirely new concepts of fine dining that are all the rage in restaurants and hotel establishments throughout the current culinary world. Following are the dining trends that are here to stay for the current year.

Small Plates Are Making a Come-back

What does this mean? Small portions of delicacies such as braised pork shoulder, ceviche-style seafood, and slow cooked brisket might just save expanding waistlines while also managing to satisfy demanding palates. Served at any hour, day or night, this expo style cooking is making the news again.

Flavor Infusion with Zero Fat

Over the past few years, awareness of the dangers of fats has steadily increased  and more and more emphasis is being put on vegan and gluten free foods and diets. This has changed cooking styles, turning them towards completely new and varied avenues. Chefs are coming up with techniques of braising, poaching, and pickling that contain non-fat elements, while still infusing flavor to the food.


In today’s fast moving world: time is money. This is why “grab and go” dining is becoming fairly popular; especially amongst travelers  who often look for more healthy and convenient avenues to satisfy, recharge, and stay on track.

Cook It Slow and Easy

The style of slow cooking is quickly becoming the ideal choice for many customers, which has increased the public’s interest in eateries that practice slow cooking styles at a dramatic pace. As a result, restaurants are beginning to showcase the process used to create slow cooked foods by putting a display right within the dining room.

Turning Attention to the Younger Generation

Before 2015, hotel restaurants of fine dining generally catered more to the sophisticated adult population but, this year, we have seen a change in the paradigm. More and more teens are considering more carefully what they wish to eat and where. This is making a huge impact on the industry as a whole. The year of 2015 is witnessing an attempt by restaurants to grab the attention of these new customers. In other words: high tech services, loud music, and a heightened dining experience are becoming the norm in many establishments.

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