5 Essentials for a Successful Company Conference

FHG is truly a people-centric company…and it’s not something we just say. Between all of the recognizing, connecting, and sharing that went on at our recent annual conference, it was easy to see (veterans and new rock stars alike) being inspired. Thanks to our dedicated regional teams and the unending enthusiasm throughout #TeamFHG, we were able to call this year’s event a smashing success. There is clearly a lot that goes into planning an event of this caliber, but there were a few things that I would consider absolute essentials:


  • Come up with a theme

A dedicated theme helps keep focus and is easy to put energy behind! While playing “rock star” for a day is a lot of fun, it also enabled us to promote a much grander message. By weaving our theme throughout the every component of the event, our rock star attendees were part of an immersive experience – not a typical corporate conference.

  • Build energy/momentum far in advance 

You know you’ve succeeded with this part when people arrive not knowing what to expect but knowing whatever it is they want to be a part of it….THAT is a great place to be at the start of any event like this.

  • Let others rock their genius

Leveraging the strengths of those on your team just makes sense. When everyone understands the vision it’s easy to divide and conquer all of the tasks that need to get done. The most organized people can help with logistics, creative minds can infuse the theme, your training experts can oversee breakout session planning, etc.

  • Engage at ALL levels

There’s no question that an engaged, passionate teams drive better results. By the same token, energy generated at the top, like anything else, trickles down to the rest of the company. At an FHG Conference, you might find that vested interest and excitement created through air guitar competitions or a live performance by our very own leadership team, which ultimately made for an unparalleled team building experience.

  • Reward the behavior you love to see

There’s more to great results than numbers on paper; no – truly great results demand drive and dedication. It’s important to actively reinforce and reward the behaviors that you want to see. We see that our teams are passionate about what they do and that, in the end, that passion translates into phenomenal results. Through programs like Live Free, Drive Free and the coveted Inner Circle (life-changing incentives unlike anything else in the industry), we are allowed to openly communicate just how deeply we appreciate the efforts of our rock star associates.

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