Elevating Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

At First Hospitality Group, the development and advancement of our team has always been a primary focus. Whether it be a result of promoting internally or providing an expansive arsenal of resources to supplement growth, we recognize that if you desire strong results you need to have strong team, and if you need a strong team you need to start with strong leaders.

In Leadership Training, groups of corporate leaders, directors of sales, general and regional managers come together to work on developing a set of skills that involve listening, giving feedback, creating agreements, and making commitments. What sets this program apart from our competitors is that our model facilitates inside out work. It’s a holistic approach that marries who you are as a human being with the role you play here at FHG, while still understanding that the responsibility to deliver leadership is on you.

Based heavily on the principles of emotional intelligence, the first step is always comprehending your own emotions, so that you can learn how to manage them. As a result, you will in time become able to understand the emotions of others and manage – not manipulate – those relationships.

What I hope these leaders walk away with is a heightened sense of who they are, a heightened sense of their connection with the people who work with them, and an increased awareness of empathy. All in all, we want our rising leaders to be able to fully understand themselves, so that they can in turn understand another human being. I think Maya Angelou sums it up best when she suggests, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”

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