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I recently had the opportunity to author an article for STR, Inc.’s “Hotel News Now” about a topic that I personally believe deserves more exposure – the rise of strong female leaders in the hospitality industry. Change is a natural result of society’s evolution and it effects our field like it would anything else. The “glass ceiling” had been alive and well in the hospitality industry for generations.

Fast-forward 40+ years and, though we still have a ways to go, women commonly take command at levels of high influence for multi-million and billion dollar companies. Approximately half of the senior executive leadership positions here at FHG are occupied by women; key players like Wendy Stevens, Mary Pat Knight, Carol Wrobel, Jenna Smith, and Kelly Mascari truly are the champions of Team FHG. Though our success is a collective effort, it wouldn’t have been possible without the firepower that they bring to the table

It’s truly incredible that a group of individuals who were once limited to roles of servers, clerks, and front desk staff, are now recognized for the value that they bring to the industry as managers, directors, and CEOS. Women are a reservoir of talent shown to increase profit margins and positively impact culture. Our perspective is driven not by a desire to be politically correct or to convey an empty gesture toward diversity, but by recognizing the simple and obvious fact that anybody, regardless of gender, can make a positive contribution.

To read more about my feelings on this topic, check out the original article at:

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