Promoting from Within: Front Desk to VP

As the lingering energy from our recent Conference & Awards Banquet dissipates and we close the book on another successful year for First Hospitality Group, our team reflects on all of the hard work that went into creating those victories – both big and small. Hands down and without argument, one of the most impactful moments of the entire event was the reveal of Jenna Smith’s promotion to Vice President of Revenue Management. The energy present in that room when the announcement was made is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 15+ years with FHG; for those that know and care about Jenna, there could be no one more deserving of that outstanding recognition for their hard work and dedication to our success.

In the last year, the number of internal promotions within First Hospitality Group more than doubled – something that we are very proud of. Why is it so important to promote from within? It’s not that we’re opposed to hiring externally, however, there is immeasurable value in knowing that someone is committed to your vision and can be relied upon to execute successfully. We want to ensure that our top talent not only has the genuine desire to grow with us, but also possesses a strong understanding of our culture and embodies it in everything that they do.

Our people strategy is designed around retaining top talent, while simultaneously moving those in the middle of the pack up to the top tier and positioning them to operate successfully when they get there. We are very conscious about creating a clear path for those eager to grow with #TeamFHG, as well as the best resources and environment to develop that success.

This includes assembling a dynamic team that complements one other and plays to each person’s genius; leveraging the individual’s natural talents and tendencies. The thought here is that we all do what we love much better and with greater frequency than anything that feels forced or doesn’t align with our personal strengths. It’s the people that love what they wake up and pour their energy into each day that are most invested in the culture and collective success of their team. At the end of the day, it’s the best people that yield the best results. Devoting your time and resources to those people, those that have the potential and desire to grow with you, is the smartest investment that you can ever make.

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