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You might have heard there’s a new sheriff in town. But in many ways, nothing has changed here at FHG. Steve Schwartz and I have worked collaboratively since my first day. And this shuffle in positions, along with the addition of an outside board of advisors, gives us the opportunity to do a top to bottom review of our business and prepare ourselves for the next thirty years.

We’re focused on evaluating our people, processes and our company’s long term strategy. We are reassessing our priorities and concentrating on the deep talent that makes up our company in order to find a path towards mutual success.

We’ve already implemented strategic dispositions and have become more streamlined. This allows us to focus our efforts on growth by divesting ourselves of businesses that didn’t match our strategic goals.

In the short-term, we’re also looking at our home office and governance. We’re taking our executive committee and making it more inclusive, so more employees have input. We’re also trying to make our communications more effective to our team and stakeholders.

When I think about what makes FHG different, I believe our success is due to our laudable spirit. We have incredibly talented people who are driven to do well every day. For a large company, we spend less time mired in bureaucracy and still maintain an entrepreneurial spirit as we grow. The challenge will become how to keep this spirit and character as we become a billion dollar company and not deviate from our core values.

It’s exciting for me to look at the staff of talented people we have on board and think of all the opportunities we have for them with the new projects in the pipeline. So let this post function as an introduction for myself and a new chapter in our development. I’m proud of what FHG has become and I look forward to this new phase in our growth and success.

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