FHG Does National Potato Chip Day

Blondie said it best….”one way or another, we’re gonna find you, we’re gonna get you.” Isn’t that what life is about? Showing up, connecting with people, and building relationships? Finding out what needs they have? And, at the end of the day, just having some good old-fashioned fun? One bag at a time we connected with travelers all over the country this National Potato Chip Day. Making the most of these quirky holidays and working together to drive results is going to be an important part of our culture as we continue to embrace it. Coming together around a common theme, flooding our markets with creative communication, breeding positive energy and using that enthusiasm to make lasting connections.

Not only is this an opportunity to engage with people, it’s an opportunity to be remembered. People remember positive and engaged people; they look forward to seeing them again and again. We are not just looking for a few new leads. We’re looking to create change. Getting to connect with travelers from across the nation over a salty snack or really showing even just one client what our culture really looks like – that’s the point of this new initiative. On National Potato Chip Day, First Hospitality Group hit 15 cities, completed over 500 calls, and made countless positive connections. I urge you to hold onto your enthusiasm and keep this momentum rolling. Take a look for yourself. The passion and creativity that you were able to exude was incredible and, to me, it is clear that uninhibited success lies in our future.

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