FHG Does National Tell a Story Day + Star Wars Day

When you think about hospitality on a grand scale, we as stewards are peoples’ compass. No matter where they’re going or how they get there, we are ready to welcome them home. Even when you’re lost – especially when you’re lost – you go to your compass. There is relief in knowing that we are always there; that you have somewhere to go and find comfort, no matter where your journey has taken you.
We generate that comfort through the connections we make with people. Being hospitable is something that comes from the heart. The experiences that we create every day demand genuine care and sincerity. It’s more than just providing a pillow to rest one’s head on. It’s building a sense of arrival and warmth that allows someone to feel the safety of home, even when they can’t be there. Hospitality can’t just be taught. You can hand out the right tools, but true hospitality has to come from within.
To be successful, everyone who walks through those sliding doors needs to feel like a part of your family. That feeling isn’t something that can be manufactured, no matter how hard you might try. As our teams head out each month, creatively igniting curiosity within their clients and their communities, we reinforce our commitment to the satisfaction of our guests as well as our unwavering dedication. Team FHG is unlike any other because of how deeply we care. With us, you know that you’re going to start your journey on the right foot. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll never be without your compass.
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