FHG Does Summer Solstice

What does it mean to be “sales focused”? Believe it or not, it’s actually more than just focusing on sales. In an age where interpersonal communication has become a dying art and majority of conversations occur on a five inch screen, we at FHG are trying to refocus our teams to believe that relationships sell. When you know your clients and their needs, you’re equipped to play a direct role in providing them service and accommodations that exceed expectations.

We believe in performing above and beyond when it comes to the needs of our clients. That can’t be accomplished through written word, in text, or email; you can only get that from engaging. Hospitality does not translate into words. It’s powered by conversations and actions that translate into experiences. We’re not trying to sell somebody something, we’re building a rapport. We’re not salespeople or revenue generators, we’re relationship builders.

When you really get down to it, to be “sales focused” means to be client focused. Our teams angle the bond of sales to share the common goal of connection. When we put our heads together for a blitz like Summer Solstice, we have the opportunity to make building relationships our ultimate, unfailing focus for one whole day. We’ve been able to entrench ourselves in the needs of our clients and, as a result, have made over 1,800 connections as a team in less than four months.

Every relationship that you build is an opportunity to ignite curiosity and passion in others. So, ask yourself, “Who did I ignite today?” Who will you ignite tomorrow?

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