Introducing: Training Tuesdays

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When I look in the mirror, I see myself staring back at me; nothing more, nothing less. We struggle with getting caught up in criticism of self, when it’s often the least productive way of spending our time. When I take the mirror away, I see so far into the distance that my mind can’t help but wonder what’s out there. As my curiosity grows and I ask more questions, my knowledge grows too. The more knowledge I have, the more power I have. When the world leaves you with nothing but questions, you are compelled to seek answers and your curiosity is ignited.
As a company that is all about looking ahead and pro-activity, we have decided to launch a new opportunity into our arsenal of resources. “Training Tuesdays” are soon to be an outlet for the questions that we want you to be asking. We offer training for the promising Assistant General Managers of today, to create curiosity in the outstanding General Managers of tomorrow. We have company-wide blitz days to creatively connect with our clients and guests, inspiring curiosity in them about us and our culture. Now, we will host internal training sessions each week to ignite the curiosity in all of you even more.
Each week over lunch, Team FHG will connect through training sessions hosted live from our headquarters in Rosemont. Your regional team, maybe even a surprise guest or two, will present topics based on industry trends and your feedback. This opportunity will open up your minds and assist in creating more open dialogue. It may even be a way for you to train your own teams and grow together! Team FHG is looking ahead and you’re going to love what’s still to come.
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