We want whatever the field has got for us

The history books are filled with stories about companies that were once great, but didn’t stand the test of time. They thought that they had all of the answers. What separated the companies that survived and thrived was a willingness to keep pace with a changing world. They never believed they had all the answers, so they reinvented themselves as they grew and times changed.First Hospitality Group, Inc. team photo

With this in mind, we have developed a series of “Town Hall” meetings designed to capture valuable insights directly from the people who make it happen for us every day. They are composed of 60-90 minute discussions between me and the workforce – carefully organized in groups of our teams. What goes on in these meetings? Well, I’ll tell you what doesn’t go into them. I promise you that we are not on a mission to uncover corruption – we’re not gathering our people to grill them. The only thing that we bring to the tables are pens, pads, and open minds. It is a great opportunity for open dialogue – we want whatever the field has got for us.

So far, we have held about 6 very successful Town Hall Meetings. For me personally, it has been an incredible eye-opener. We’ve pinpointed some consistent trends across the board, strengths and opportunities alike. We’ve had a lot really great feedback and a few surprises here and there too. Getting to connect with our teams in this time of great introspection is a truly impactful experience. The collection of the feedback from our home office has been an excellent start to an ongoing initiative. I look forward to integrating the feedback from our General Managers and team leaders into the discussion soon – and who knows how far it will funnel down over time!First Hospitality Group, Inc.

All in all, my goal is to continue the momentum that we have been accruing since the beginning. To maintain our rich history of success, I believe that we need to keep evolving by making communication a priority. We want our teams to be confident that their feedback is being elevated to the highest level. Respect for the individual is an ideal that this company was built upon. It’s a key component in the foundation of our success and I want us to breathe new life into it. First Hospitality Group has had 30 great years so far – we are ready to do what it takes to ensure 30 more.

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