Live Free, Drive Free – A Win That Lasts a Lifetime

All in all, 2016 was a phenomenal year for recognition within Team FHG. Our hotels took home some pretty remarkable wins, but the closest to my heart will always be our Live Free, Drive Free Award. This incentive is presented to one finalist among our line-level associates for their dedication and commitment to showing up and positively representing their hotel every, single day. To win an award that either pays your rent or puts a car in your drive for a whole year is pretty great in itself, but it’s truly the stories behind the wins that make it an incredible thing to be a part of.

One Live Free, Drive Free win that I will never forget is an occasion in which we had an associate who was in danger of losing her home. It was an incredibly difficult time for her and her family and we were able to step in and help turn things around. In cases like this and so many others, being a Live Free, Drive Free winner has the ability to make a profound and lasting impact on someone’s life. In celebration of that, we decided to up the ante this year and hand the keys over entirely to make for a win that will truly last a lifetime.

Check out how 2016’s Live Free, Drive Free recipient, Lionel Cuevas, reacted to his big win:

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